Candle Making Machine

Raw material : Paraffin Wax.

Final product : General lighting candles, screw candles, pillar candles, tealight, cup candle, Buddhist candles, cone candles .

Capacity : 210pcs/h-1680pcs/h

Candle size: Customized as your requirements

Delivery: Within 7days after payment

Worker : 1 people,depended on capacity.

Loading Port : Qingdao port,China


Our candle making machine can make candles with high efficiency. General lighting candles, screw candles, pillar candles, tealight, cup candle, Buddhist candles, cone candles.It includes A,B,C,D four different kinds(includes many model each kind) of machines for you choose according to your candle shape and size.And we could also customize the candle specially according to your need.


  1. The candle machine tube is made of seamless copper tube with wall thickness of 1.2-1.5mm through drawing forming, polished and refined, which has the characteristics of good surface finish, corrosion resistance, fast cooling, good sealing performance, etc.
  2. The structure of the machine is selected first, strong and durable, hand-operated demoulding, no power supply, convenient production operation and maintenance
  3. It is easy to operate and low cost makes it an ideal choice for any beginners.
  4.  It could be customized according to your requirements.


Candle Size: Bottom dia.*upper dia.*height(mm) 14*12.5*200 ,   16*14*203, 18*16.5*205 ,  20*18.5*250, 22*20.5*220
Number of wax mold tubes 70,80,140,160 140,160,210,240,280,320,350,400 180,192,210,228,252,304,320,336,350,380 208,224,232,248,260,280,310,336,348,350,372,396,420
Candle Weight (gram/pc) 24,30,41,65,66
Batches per hour 3-4
Productivity per hour(pcs) 210-640 420-1600 540-1680 624-1680
Dimension L*W*H(cm) 140*55*90-140*76*90 140*35*90-140*74*90 140*45*90-140*74*90 145*50*115-145*74*130
Packing size (L*W*H)(cm) 142*57*110-142*78*110 142*37*110-142*76*110 142*47*110-142*76*115 147*52*125-147*76*140
Weight(kg) 110-190 180-390 240-390 230-400

Operation Process:

  1. Melting paraffin wax,.
  2. Adding one percent additive, adding colored pigments(if need) into the melting machine. Then mix well.
  3. Pouring the mixture into the candle machine, and then lifting it up after cooling to get candle.