Melting wax machine composed of three layers (liner stainless steel plate, thermal insulation layer and insulation layer of iron), equipped with wax oil switch and put the hot oil port, according to customer requirements 220V or 380V high voltage line.The machine is an automatic constant temperature melting wax machine,  using electric heat, and candle manufacturing machine is usually used together, simple operation, efficient production, there are five models to choose from.
Melting wax machine


Model MG-W50 MG-W100 MG-W150 MG-W200 MG-W300
Voltage 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 220v/380v 380v
Power 6kw 8kw 9kw 10kw 18kw
Capacity 50kg 100kg 150kg 200kg 300kg
Inner size


50*38*44 75*45*48 90*49*50 95*60*60 140*60*60
Machine size(cm) 89*58*67 114*65*70 137*68*72 133*79*85 160*79*87
Packing size(cm) 92*65*78 117*70*83 140*74*85 140*82*95 165*82*100
Net weight(kg) 70 100 120 155 215
Gross weight(kg)


100 125 150 185 255